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so i had to take in my 05' 636 for a oil leak and coolant leak, the oil leak which you could plainly see was coming from the oil pan gasket. The second coming from the coolant upper rad hose right at the block, it had calciumated around the tip of the hose and was causing a on and off leak.

so i took it in after a 2 week wait to have it fixed, the oil pan gasket was in stock and took them 2 hrs. well the coolant hoses were close, as in JAPAN, and had to be ordered, which took a week and a half to get in. so they fixed it, well less then two weeks later, Voila! i have the same fucking leak, same area of the bike.... only this time i see two bolts on top of the trans housing that have coolant all around them, which seems odd, since the way they sit the only way for coolant to pool out is if i were at a constant wheelie

so..i have two options, take it back demand it fixed, and ....

or try to get some help figuring out what the fuck is going on
and then take it and ask them to fix, im right at the end of warranty and go figure this shit happens!!!!! either way its rideable just have to keep filling the coolant resvior every couple days and smell burning coolant on the engine.. yuk!

anybody have this same problem... get it fixed? how did they fix it?

any help would be greatly appreciated.
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