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coolint.......its not workin

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Calm down. Jesus, every time someone's bike temp goes up, they freak out. These bikes run cooler when you are cruising down the road and the wind is cooling the radiator. When you hit the city, it is normal for your bike to run a little hotter. Even if the fan comes on, don't worry, it is normal for that too, and yes, the fan can cool the bike all the way back to normal all by itself.

Sorry if I come off as a jackass, but trust me, your bike is fine. Just make sure the coolant level is at normal, and check it when the bike is cold, not while it's running.
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no you didnt sounds like an ass, but on another note, around what temp should my fan come on?
I'm not sure, I have a 1996 sixxer, and my guage isn't digital. On my bike though, the fan won't come on until the guage is reading a little over halfway up. When I'm riding normal speed, the guage is almost at zero, so that should ease your mind:D
o ok thanks...ya i was just warried because i just got the bike the other day..thats all.:)
That's understandable that you worry about your bike, but trust me, you'll hear a lot of clicks and bangs and different shit going on with your bike that will scare the hell out of you, but more often than not, it's normal. There was one topic a while ago about someone's gas tank hissing. Some kind of pressure release thing. Most people on here said that their bikes did the same, but mine never has. I guess every bike has its own attitude.

That's what kicks ass about this forum, you can find an enormous amount of info about your bike and maybe meet a few new friends.
just wait till it pops. jk if you have a digital readout it will come on at 210 to 220. mine comes on at 118 exactly. if it goes beyond 220 you should "freak out". i wouldnt let it go if it were my bike. its not ok. get it checked out if its not coming on by like 220 or so. first thing is check the fuse under the seat, btw. i dont know about anyone else but why the fuck would you just relax while your on the edge of cracking your head or warping it. know how much it costs to replace a head or level a deck??
where can i get that chain oil, at the local kawasaki dealer?
my 2000 6r will run all day at about 150 and 160 dagrees. But as soon as i get into the city i shoot right up to 185 200 and even 220 one time, and when is that dam fan going to turn on. Is there a special coolint i have to use in this bike also?
help fast its doing it already and its only April
This fan should kick on around 225 and 226. I live here in Texas and my bike temp climbs up to around 226 if I am at a stop light for a long time.
yup my bike gets hot too when sitting in traffic...you are fine....

if it hits 230+, then maybe you should start worrying...

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Originally posted by ZX-6RBOY

where can i get that chain oil, at the local kawasaki dealer?
Yup, that's where I got mine.
I bought a 1995 and it never seemed to cool right so I bought coolant flushed and flushed the whole system, and wow you should've seen all the stuff that came out, after it was cleaned and put in new coolant it ran like a champ. [|)]
Good point Matt. ZX6RBOY, you may need to flush your system out if you think the bike is overheating, but since you have a 2000, I don't think you need to yet. It's up to you, really. My bike is a '96 that I bought earlier this year in February, and for all I know, the coolant has never been changed, but it still runs great. I'm going to change it in about a month anyway.

You live in Indiana Matt? If so, where at in Indy?
I live in Marion, its about a hour ride north east of Indianapolis, what about you man?
I live one mile south of Cincinnati. (ok, maybe two).
I have a 02 6r and my bike gets alot hotter than I would like it to b/4 that useless fan comes on. I am thinking about trying some water conditioner in the coolant to drop the temp. down to somewhere reasonable. If that does not work, I am going to see if I can come up with a retrofit for the stock thermostat switch. Has anyone attempted this already? The switch I am thinking about using turns the fan on at 185 and off at 170. The only problem I foresee is the difference in thread pitch on the two. New switch is 3/8" pipe and I believe the stock switch is 1.5mm. I could always wire the fan to a toggle switch but I am scared I will forget to turn it off and burn the fan motor up. I am also installing a new aluminum fan blade from Muzzy that has an extra blade on it. If anyone has ever tried any of this let me know. I don't want to waste my time on something that has already been done unless it works. If noone has, I will let you know how my tests go. Thanks
What about a manual fan switch ? I installed on on my '97 camaro and you can switch it on anytime. Has anyone thought or done anythign like this?
tried it. didn't work. also added coolant conditioner to drop temp. didn't work
TommyV where south of Cincinnati do you live? I live about 20 minutes from downtown Cincinnati in Milford.
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