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Ok so had the bike since maybe 07. 03 ZX6R. Never had issues with the thing, always started... then kids came, had my son rode less, then my daughter came and I rode none. I’d start it here and there but it sat in the corner covered in my garage and was forgotten left with a battery tender on it.

Pulled it out today because my wife gave me the afternoon and it will crank but not start. I smell fuel. Weird thing is when it is in gear with the clutch on it will have massive resistance. Never had that before and nothing has changed minus it sitting for maybe two years... I added fuel (on top of what was there...) oh when I started it I never touched the clutch or shifted through gears...

If I try starting in neutral when it is on the stand the wheel doesn’t move, if it’s in first gear (with the clutch in) the wheel slowly turns... I never started it on the stand before but I also never had it give me resistance when in gear with the clutch in before. Thought maybe if it was off the ground it might be ok then might break things loose?

Don’t go hating on me if you think I’m moron but I don’t do bikes. I’m a gear head and pull apart VWs and know cars... this bike has been just a little something in the side that has been good to me as long as I didn’t neglect her... now she’s mad and I don’t know where to start. I will drain the fuel and check the plugs since it’s been maybe 10 years on the plugs but the clutch resistance is my real concern at this point. Would getting it started get everything ‘moving again? My friend, who was the original owner, did a pretty full clutch overhaul before I bought it since he drove it hard. I was the casual cruise around and “follow” most driving laws within reason “most” of the time...

Any real guidance would be appreciated.

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