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Up for sale is one of the cleanest and nicest Kawasaki 636 on the road today. I bought it from a buddy back in October and it had a motor with no second gear, the title had not been put into someones name since 2006, but everything else was great. I took the bike apart the day I got it and started the project that made the bike what it is today, and it turned out a lot better than I expected! I bought a motor from Simpson Cycles in Greenville, SC which I still have the paper work for. It was listed for $1,450 plus shipping and was stated to have around 4,000 - 5,000 miles on it. Before I put the motor in, I checked everything to make sure it was good. All seals look great and all bolts were in tact. I put on a polish coil race cover that is flush mount with the fairing. I painted the clutch cover black to match the color of the bike. It has a completely new wiring harness that was purchased online as the old harness that came with the bike looked to have been burnt in some places. While the bike was apart, I took two weeks and polished the frame and swing arm by hand. It was a job, but ended up looking great after! The inside of the wheels were painted black and the lip is polished. As soon as I got the motor in, I ran some cheap oil through it to clean it out, and then added AMSOIL 10w-40 race oil for sport bikes. It is the only oil that has been run in this bike from the day I put in the new motor and the oil has been changed every 3,000 miles. I just changed the oil about 1,000 miles ago to get it ready for summer riding. After I got it all back together and running great, the performance parts started to come. I first added a KnN race air filter that really lets the bike breath. It has a Yoshi exhaust that I have cut 4 inches off to hide under the tail section of the bike. All the parts on this bike has been installed since November of 2009 and have very low miles on them. I just installed Blue/White 75 watt HID bulbs to replace the 55 watt bulbs that come stock and it really helps at night. The bike has a new 520 chain with Vortex sprockets. The front sprocket is a -1 and the rear is a factory replacement 43 tooth. The combo works out great and will put you on the back tire with the pop of the clutch in no time. I have added gold Vortex shorty race levers. Also, I installed frame sliders to protect the bike along with rear swing arm spools that work great with any stand and keep the bike protected as well. It has smoked out LED flush mount front turn signals and the rear has a LED integrated tail light with turn signal built in. It is now one piece with the tail section to give it a complete custom look. A buddy of mine painted all the plastics for me in February. This makes the bike truely one of a kind. It has 636 on both side fairings, small 636 on the tail section, and many faded stars that are only visible in the light from the sun. You will never see them if you are in a dark place. Just last week I installed steel braided brake lines with new race EBC pads. I used RBF 600 race fluid that will not boil in the lines and is the best on the market to day. The bike stops faster than any other bike I have ridden. To go along with all new brakes, it has a brand new set of shoes. I put on the new for 2010 Michelin Pilot Pure. It is the lightest tire on the market and sticks like crazy! I was dragging my knee the day I put them on. All the wax has been worn off the tires. They have maybe 500 miles on them now. The bike will come with a rear seat as well as a custom rear seat cowl that matches the bike great. The windscreen is a double bubble and directs the wind over the rider perfectly. That is everything I can remember for now but I'm sure I'm missing some things as I have replaced so many things on this bike and invested much time and money into new parts to get it to where it is today.

This bike is essentially brand new! The only part that has high miles is the frame. I had to have the bike inspected into the state to get a title for it. It is claimed as a rebuild but does not say SALVAGE on the top of the title. The odometer reads 24,199 just as the title states. I was going to swap it out to match the motor but did not want anything to seem weird about the bike. I will get a new odometer with miles to match the motor at the buyer's request. This 636 will smoke other 600s and the only thing it would need is a power commander, and it would be insane.

Feel free to come test ride the bike. It is located in Asheville, NC 28804. I can help with delivery of the bike if needed or arrange a place to view the bike.

The ONLY reason I am selling this bike is to get on a 1000 for the summer. I wish I could have both, but funds will not allow me to do so. I love this 636 and it is the fastest one I have ridden. Come see for your self!

Feel free to contact me anytime by email or phone. I can send you more pictures if needed.

[email protected]

$5,000 FIRM!

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