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I purchased this oil pan installed in and my exhaust won't work with it. I paid $500 for it.It was put in my motorcycle but the bike was never turned on. Your gain my loss. I am just looking to get what I can back for it. Make an offer. Like I said it is NEW and in PERFECT Factory condition. This will fit 2006-2009 ZX10R. Please e-mail me for faster contact [email protected]

Info on it:
If your tired of hitting your oil pan on the ground, or want to really slam your ZX-10, we have the solution!

This billet aluminum oil pan is 1.5" thick and features a pivoting oil pickup that will keep oil to the engine if you are accelerating or braking. The pick up follows the oil direction; if the oil goes to the rear on acceleration or if it goes to the front when stopping, the swing pick up follows to keep the pick up where the oil is in the pan.

*Billet Aluminum
*Swinging Pickup
*Only 1 1/2" thick
*Uses stock drain plug
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