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Damn, just ordered my BT010/BT020 Combo

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Andy, The BTO12's or 010's they both are far superior to the Dunlops in the rain or dry. I had the 207's on my 99 and then went to the Battle Axe's MUCH BETTER.
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Thanks man...
Good choice Andy... you wont be dissapointed.
$200 for two tires is not bad. I had a puncture and paid $130 for the tire and now the $26 for mounting and balancing. That my friend sucks.
It won't hurt anymore once you get them and realize how good they are.;)
I'm mounting the tires myself...Saves me alittle moeny and I know it's done right...
Where did you order them from?

they have pretty good tire prices and their shipping is only 10 buck per tire...

my total was like 203 bucks for 2 tires shipped, and they ship same day...
and boy it hurts laying out 200+ bucks for tires...

ohh well, I hope this combo is as good as every says it is, and I hope I get more than 5000 miles out of the BT020....which is what I got out of my D207 (it's bald though)

And I hope the BT020 is more predicable in the rain, my D207 seems really hit or miss when it comes to traction in the rian..
So how do you like the tires man? I just got a nail in my back tire and I need replacement. I'm doing the search to see what better suits me.

Oh, and what's up with the spare tire on my bike? I can't find it!:D
ohh I haven't mounted them yet, I need to do a good burn out on my old tires to finish them off before I switch ;)

Should have them mounted by next weekend...I'll post back here with my thoughts....

but for street riding, you cannot go wrong with the bridgestones....
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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