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ok.. so i fucks wif big shit. this is small stuff at the moment. this is all from kentucky at this time. the big fuckin 450Mw generator in the first pic had a bad bearing leak. it only runs 15psi of oil so, a leak is nooo good. the stator weighs probably.. shit 30,000 or so? the turbine is rated at a guaranteed 455Mw, which of you do the math equates to about 603,000 HP. not a typo. 600KHP

this turbine and plant is the DB Wilson plant. uses 7000 pounds of coal a minute at full load. fuck me. lol i have a bunch of numbers and stats on it but i don't have them here at the hotel with me.. but, ya. coal-fired boiler. holds 787,000 pounds of water, makes over 1 million pounds of steam an hour at 1095°F at 2400psi. high pressure turbine is 2400psi, low pressure is 600psi. not sure what the intermediate is. probably 1200psi.
the yellow section in the front is the exciter. it provides the juice to the stator for the magnetic field it needs. this is whats manipulated to change output. the stator is rated (IIRC) at 24,000volts and 13000 amps and is hydrogen cooled. the entire generator is filled with hydrogen, actually.
round orange section is the generator.
red is the low pressure turbine
big fuckin orange section is the valves, controls, huge ass pipes and high pressure section.

this pic is from about 40 feet in the air.
if you look close you can see someone sitting at the end of the low pressure turbine section by the scaffolding

entire thing is probably.. 200 feet long

we found a small fuck up and some slop on the seals. i have pics but not on this SD card. those at the house ( i hope). i had to machine the $6000 seal another .1850" for some reason. blueprint said it was 7" from the center of the radius of a slot to the edge of the flat where the 2 pieces of the seal divide ( ya. the seal is 14" in diameter) lame. lol but it came out well and wowed the owner of the company i think since this was my first job with them. i saved the day machining less than a quarter inch from a slot on a $6000 seal that shoulda been money from the start. we also replaces a shitload of pipe flange seals, hydrogen cooler seals, pressure tested a bunch of stuff and they cleaned the hydrogen and turbine oil cooler heat exchangers out.

ok. moarrrrrrrrr
this is the kentucky utilities green river station

theres 4 small units here. the one were on is 113Mw, which is about 151,000HP. stator output is 13.8Kv @ 5000 amps. after that it goes to a switchyard where the power is bumped to 69Kv and 141Kv. its supposed to be 138Kv, but for some reason the KU grid is 141 instead of 138. probably makes up for losses.

2 of the generators here are the same 113M units. the other 2 are small as hell. can't recall how big. i think 59Mw or somethin like that.

the inside of the low pressure section. this fan is about 8 feet in diameter.

HP section and throttle valves.

heres a transformer for this generator. its one of the step-ups. takes 13.8Kv and turns it into 138Kv. weighs a little over a quarter million pounds. 277,507 pounds total. wired in wye-delta configuration

a peek inside the guts of the turbine..

everything is fucking HUGE in power plants.
heres the boiler. which is 200 or 300 feet tall. thats a fucking scaffold inside it the messicans built. the walls are pipes if you look closely. the fire is where you'd be standing in here.

i could not straight up enter it since it's considered a confined space and i don't need fired for not having an entry permit.

but this is whats called a water-tube boiler. theres also a fire tube boiler but those are old skool, antiquated dangerous shits that suck. the water flows thru the pipes here.. in a fire tube, the fire flows thru the pipes instead and they're surrounded by the water to be heated.

probably 50 feet up in the air.. lol

more huge shit. look at my big fuckin balls!

these are 12.5" 90 pound steel balls used in the ball mill that crushes the coal into dust.

look at my huge fuckin nuts!

they need to be hand-lapped to ensure theres no high spots. everything is like, uber precise on these stupid ass things

they came off this massive fucking dumb piece of shit called an intercept valve.
i can literally fit in that bore with room

as you can see, they're fucking upside-down and about goddamn retarded. you will see what was removed in a second..

the river is up about 12 feet. theres actually a rock wall there somewhere.
massive fucking flooding goin on. dodged 3 tornados since i've been here.


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moar, whore

ya this huge hunk of fuckin shyte. lol
needs disassembled, blueprinted out, rebuilt as needed and reassembled.
this controls steam.. somewhere in the system. don't really know wtf it actually does. intercepts shit i guess. thus the name. it was a total cunt to remove and took several days to pull one.

theres 2 of them.

this dude is about 6'1"

you can see deez bitches is big son.

look at those huge fuckin stupid springs. i can fit inside that motherfucker there. i sat one one and it didn't compress even 1/4 inch. tho at 150 lbs thats not much. lol

we takes em apart with all thread to let the springs decompress. theres several tons of pressure under that cap. also why we stand to the side working on it.

so.. i never knew hydraulic relays existed. all this huge fucking dumb shit and a "tiny" part was all busted up when i did my inspection. look at this valve. the edge of the seat is perfect but the "snorkel" in the middle is all fuckin busted up. our consultant said to swap it out. i think i coulda fixed it but oh well.

shitty pic. no focusin sumbitch i am

nasty as thing was all rusted n shit.

i, being the pimp i am, tho restored this thing to its former glory

i also made probably 90 million goddamn gaskets. lol

heres the piston. those rings are.. well. huge. they're like 3/8" wide

the relay section i worked on.. that damn thing probably weighs 200 pounds.
total pain in the ass.

these things run a pilot piston. not sure wtf it does. but it looks interesting. i think it's actually a control valve and not an actuator of any type.. if i had to guess.

yayyyy all cleaned, inspected, mic'd out, fixed and tossed back together.

yes. that is a torque wrench this cat is holding. we torqued those bolts to 450 ft-lbs

more later if i feel like it.

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the pay is ridiculous but for THIS company, it's seasonal. so.. i will probably hook into another company soon and get international work to keep me busy over the summer. power plants do not like to shut down during peak seasons so spring and fall is the time to do a major shutdown

it IS interesting work, but 7-12s was getting old. luckily we finally had a day off today. still have 1-2 more weeks here then i get to go home. if i could maintain the work constantly this is about an $80K job.. but it's either ball-busting or boring as hell.. lol

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This thread slipped under y radar. Just saw it.
Keep at it meng. Thanks for the tour.

yeah definitely slipped under the radar

Good shit ******

Constantly amazed by your mechanical knowledge.

You should bring home some of those huge nuts and invite women over to see your "huge nuts" :lol:
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