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Decal removal

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Hey, hows everybody doing? Fine I hope, I have the 2002 green 6R and I want to get rid of the decal on the tank. I see that it is clearcoated and I'm wondering 1.Is it possible to remove the clearcoat? and 2. Is the tank green underneath the decal? Any suggestions welcome.
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the tank will be green underneath the sticker. the best way to do it is to wet sand the entire tank, and enuf to remove any clear coat over the decal. once decal is removed, get the entire tank re cleared. a lot of steps but really the only way that i can think of.

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The old clear coat over the stickers, you cannot get around this. You can try but its not worth the risk. If you don't know what you're doing you can end up scratching the paint off the tank (not removing the layers of clear coat)
Yup, I think you are looking at more than a little project. Kawasaki obviously wants that sticker there so they aren't going to make it easy to remove. I think you need to ask yourself how bad you want to get rid of it. If you are prepared to repaint the whole tank, should you fuck it up, then go for it. I was thinking about the same thing about three months ago. Stickers still there and is going to stay there untill I decide I want a custom paint job.

If you do it let us know how it goes.
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A re-paint and re-clearcoat is not worth the cost just to remove a sticker. Just IMHO.

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