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Decision Time...(help wanted)

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Hey guys,

Well I just got back from my local motorcycle dealer and I went in with every intention of getting an '02 ZX6R but unfortunately they didn't have any, nor did they expect to get anymore. So, I started to look around at the rest of their '02 selection and after about 2 hours of the typical b.s.'ing we finally started to negotiate a deal on a '02 CBR-600 F4i. Now as many of you are already aware these bikes list at $8,200. I got him to take off their already advertised $700, plus another $300 and then we started talking. He goes to the computer and starts adding in all the extras and before you know it the computer is showing a price of $8,500 (out the door). I told him that's more than what I was looking to spend so he says that he may be able to get it down to $8,000 but he couldn't promise anything cause it was their last red/black one. If it was one of the 4 yellow/black one's then he could work with me a little more. To make a long story longer he comes back to me saying that the GM will only let it go for as low as $8,400. So let me ask you guys, your honest opinion...is $8,400 too much for an '02 Honda CBR-600 F4i out the door?

I realize that this is a ZX6R site and I don't mean to step on anybodies toes by posting about a Honda but I didn't know where else to go to get a respectable response. I'd really appreciate you all's input on this cause I'm really have a hard time deciding. Thanks in advance.
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that seems like a lot to me. i did the conversion and everything (canadian dollar). especially when they are trying to clear them out to make way for the new models. i think they are just trying to hose u cause they kind of have you in a bind. unless taxes and licensing fee's etc. are a lot more down there. i'd go in and talk about it a bit more, then just start to walk out and say it's too much. if they want the sale, they'll negotiate some more. if not, new kawi's come out in a bit. i'd hang on a bit and go green.

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So you think that's a lot huh?
Well here's the math written out:
$8,200 : MSRP
-$1,000 : The amount he took off.
+$1,300 : Tax, tags, title, & other fees.
$8,500 : Price after everything.
-$ 100 : All the GM would supposedly take off cause it's their last one.
$8,400 : Gets me the bike out the door.

So do you guys think this is a good deal or do you think I could get it for less?
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A couple thoughts. I believe that any time a dealership employee says something like "they won't let me go lower" and it's not a salesman saying, in effect "I'll lose a lotta commission if I let you get it for that", or "my boss here won't let me do that even though I'd get an O.K. commission and we'd make a fair profit,"it's a lie. The dealership can GIVE the bikes away, if they choose. The main sales ploy is to try to make you FEEL sympathy for them, and "settle". Because it's all a game of smoke and mirrors, where you're trying to determine what a fair price is, and they're trying to make some profit, you'll never know the "real" price. The humorist Dave Barry has a hilarious piece about car shopping, in which he describes the attempts to find out what the car costs, and the sales department's tactics to avoid any discussion of the price. My suggestion: research the internet for Kawasaki dealers, or Honda dealers, to see who's nearby. The main company websites usually have a dealer locater.Maybe a ways away, but you can get some leverage by asking other dealers if they have stock, still, and discussing how it's going at your local guy. I was able to do that, and get a better deal, by saying "so-and-so's OTD price quote is X, and so-and-so's is Y... what can you do for me ?" Check Troy City Garage (in New York State) which lists remaining inventory,and apparent low prices, and also can sell you an extended warranty for a reduced price. No need to rush buying an extended warranty, since you may be able to get it anytime within your first year of ownership. Ask for details about that point. Also, check with Cycleperformance.com, in Litchfield, CT., which also either lists inventory or will tell you what they have. Research!Oh, there is a place in Erie Pennsylvania (can't remember proper name, but a search will turn it up, such as putting Kawasaki Erie PA in the Google.com browser) which will ship some distance in their own truck, to your door, at a fair price.

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What are the other fees...

The ZX6R can be bought for
$6700 - ZX6R
$552.75 - Tax
$99 - Tags

Thats $7400 out the door....

I dont think the F4i is worth $1000 more...

Dont let the dealer charge you freight and prep.. THATS A BS charge and they can eat it... especially knowing the 2003 are around the corner..

See if there is another dealer, call before you go.

My friend bought the 2002 R6 for 8,400 out the door so I guess it can be true for the F4i as well...

But that black and red, yellow and black is all BS.. they are trying to take you!
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Don't pay any freight or setup fees... Freight is built into the dealer cost (by law all dealers get the same price so dealers closer to distrib. centers don't get cheaper bikes).

www.cyclecost.com I believe has dealer invoice pricing information (for sale...) Might be worth the $10 if you can save $500-1000.
another idea is going to www.cyclecity1.com and have them give you a quote. Most dealers will deliver even if its halfway across the states.

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Well I just got off the phone with another dealer in VA and they told me they had a few of the yellow/black and one silver/red in stock but no red/black. He told me, without me even mentioning anything about my current situation, that the red/black one's that they had went fast. They just sold their last one about a month ago and they didn't move much on the price. Localbar, I agree with what you're saying about the whole color thing being B.S. cause that's what I said to the guy when he first suggested it. He put it to me as a supply and demand thing, which makes sense especially after having talked with this other dealer. I guess Honda only released so many to each dealer, and that number was less than all the yellow/black and silver/red.

I guess the way I'm looking at it is you're telling me that you should be able to get an '02 ZX6R out the door for $7,400, which is 300 below retail. The CBR retails for $500 more than the Kawasaki to start with ($8,200). I guess that if I could get it for list price or even what he's asking but with a helmet or something then I would feel a lot better. What do you all think about that?
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Oh yeah, I forgot to mention...when I first started negotiating with the dealer in VA he told me they could take off about $600, maybe more if I came in. He told me that the lowest I could probably get one of their bikes for was $8,100 out the door. But again, that's for either the yellow/black or the silver/black. Thanks guys.
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention...when I first started negotiating with the dealer in VA he told me they could take off about $600, maybe more if I came in. He told me that the lowest I could probably get one of their bikes for was $8,100 out the door. But again, that's for either the yellow/black or the silver/black. Thanks guys.
I'm waving the BS flag here too. They have more of those bikes so they wanna move them is all. That way they can still keep the whole range of colors in case someone comes in an absolutley wants one or the other. If they wanna sell an f4i then tell them you'll buy one, but YOU decide what color. If they won't play ball say that's ridiculos and walk out (slowly so they can catch you!). Tell them you're gunno go to another dealer, or get a different brand. if they really wanna sell a bike they won't care what freakin color it is. Do you only see red/black f4i's around??? I don't.
The dealers out here are running about 6999-7299 for the CBRF4i.
That's as of this weekend and that was the sticker price. They're trying to get rid of the CBR's fast because the 03's are supposed to be much better. Tou should be able to deal pretty well with them.

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My brother payed $8200 out the door for his '02 F4i. If they are giving you 300 Honda bucks AND selling it to you for 8400, then take it. If they are giving it to you for 8400 with NO Honda bucks, then tell them to screw off. 8200 is the mark you want to hit. I have never heard of anyone else getting an F4i for less.
- JV
I just paid $7586 OTD in NY(ZX6R).
Forget the F4i. I wanted it too - hot looking bike but too many unresolved mechanical issues from what I hear.
Ruffturbo911, where oh where did you close that NY deal, please?

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Xtreme Motorsports in Freeport. See Sean.
If they haven't got anymore try Hicksville Kawi. Mac is pretty good with in stock prices and even if he doesn't the '03's are coming so he'd probably write an OK deal. But try Sean first. Good Luck!
anyone want an 01 yellow zx6r for $5500

01zx6r, 96900rr
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