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Delkevic Exhaust Install and Review, Ninja 650

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After having a lot of people asking about cheaper exhausts, I decided to try something other than a Yoshimura on this project bike, and went with the 8" Delkevic Carbon Full System. While it's defintely not as high quality, it's not a bad system overall. All the fitment was spot on, all pieces were included, along with new exhaust gaskets. The one thing I will forewarn about, is the Bazzaz AFM shows the bike running extremely lean under certain conditions at stock fueling, unlike the Yoshimura Alpha that I run on the Z650. So, if you ever consider installing this cheaper system, you best intend on putting forth the extra money for a fuel controller, or you could possibly regret it in the long run. I'll post up a video in the coming week of adjusting all the fuel settings, where it started, and where it's at now for AFR's, but until then, here is a fairly detailed install video of the system on this 2009 Ninja 650.


Ride safe gang!
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One important thing the OP fails to mention is the airbox was modded prior to the exhaust installation. If you check out his videos you see the airbox mod was done first. The exhaust itself is not known to make lean A/F ratios.
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