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Cyberdos, to answer your questions in my opinion.

1. Yes.
2. Pick the gas that runs your bike the best, and stick with that brand. I have a California model so I know the emissions are different here, but according to the manual for the '02 use 91 octane fuel.

Also see pages 35-39 in your J3 manual.

Out in California the three top gas companies seem to be Chevron, Shell and BP.

Next is Union 76.

I am somewhat loyal to Chevron. Never had a problem with their gas in any of my cage vehicles, nor my bike.

I run nothing but 92 octane Chevron (with Techron) gas in my bike.

I stay away from the discount gas chains. I "heard" they buy older gas or gas that the additive mixture is not "ideal" but still within legal tolerances. So not taking any chances. A few cents difference per gallon is well worth the added piece of mind.

I read an acticle that gas brands can be mixed but not different levels of octane. But, take ths with a grain of salt. So according to the article, don't mix two different octane levels in the same tank, but you can use
two differnt gas brands providing they are of equal octane.

The article went on to say that a person should not use an octane rating higher than what is specified for their engine by the vehicle manufacture. Any higher than recommended octane would be a waste of money. I don't know how true it is, but the rationale they gave in the article made sense.

The article had a side bit where it discussed gas additives, such as; methanol, ethanol, MTBE, TAME, ETBE (alcohols and ethers) and other various anti-knock, rust inhibiting and emission control additives. Without getting into it, basically I felt it almost contradicted what the article said above. So I decided to find a brand of fuel I like and stick to it.

Hope that all helps.

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