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I just got done installing some hazard lights on my bike and thought I'd share how to do it. This method works on bikes with either the tridon ep34 relay that I sell with my LED flushmounts or with the stock relay & lights. I don't know about other relays so you'll need to experiment on your own.

Things you'll need:

  • On/Off switch- You can find them on Ebay or online for ~$18
  • 2 N4001 Diodes. I bought a pack of two from radio shack for $1.40
  • Either 18 or 20 gauge wiring- About 4' total or as long as necessary
  • 3 Wire taps- make sure they're sized for 18 - 20 gauge
  • Either: Soldering Iron, solder, heatshrink/electrical tape and/or butt splices/ quick disconnects and electrical tape

The handle bar switch should be for a 7/8" bar. You can also use a regular waterproof switch from an electronics store, although mounting it will be up to you.

I mounted the controls on the left bar next to the clutch lever.

You'll need to extend the wires of the switch. For the switch I used, the orange wire was the power wire. You will attach the power wire to the Orange power wire of the relay harness. The other wire on the switch was green. What happens is when you turn it on, the switch completes a circuit and the green wire is able to send power to the lights. Route the wires like stock.

You should have the left rear fairing and seats off. You'll need to fish out some wires. First wire will be the flasher relay. Easy to get to and pull out a bit. There are two wires. One that is solid orange and orange w/ green stripe. You will tap the power wire from the switch to the solid orange wire.

(forgive the black residue on the solid orange wire. I had electrical tape on there)

I extended the switch's orange wire with a blue wire. Tap into the solid orange wire of the relay with a wire tap.

Next fish out the two harnesses connecting to the rear blinkers. One will be green and one will be gray. In this picture, you'll see that I tapped into a black wire. That's because it's my alarm's splice. The green wire below leads to one of the blinkers. The other end that's not in the picture is the gray wire. This harness runs along the side of the rear fairing. For the power heading to the lights, you will need to extend the other wire coming off the switch. From this extension, you will need to split it into a Y; each branch will connect to either the green or gray wires. You will need to solder in the two diodes on the Y so that the silver mark on the diode is closer to the bike side and not the switch side. See my diagram below. Use heat shrink or electrical tape to wrap the diodes up and tap the two wires on the bike.

Here's the green wire you'll want to tap into:

Once you've tapped into both wires, just put your fairings back together and that's it!

Pics of my wiring:

I forgot to mention that the other wire coming off the switch is the wire you use to tap into both gray and green blinker wires.

Here's a wire diagram:

The basic circuit is that the orange wire from the relay is constantly at +12v while the key is in the On position in the ignition. When you close the circuit, in this case switching the switch to "On," it closes the circuit and sends voltage to lights. In the stock switch, it depends on whichever circuit you're closing to activate the blinkers. In this situation, we're closing the circuit and providing power to both sets of lights.

I should also mention that even though it does work with the stock relay, it didn't sound very good. It sounded like the relay was struggling. If you want to upgrade the relay, purchase the ep34 and put a ground wire on the E pin. This may very well work on the pregen models as well, but someone would have to verify with a factory manual.


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