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Do you really need a rear stand to change oil???

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I haven't got a stand yet and I need to change my oil!
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No need for a rear stand, removing the fairings is advisable.
I replaced oil in my bike without any fairing removal or bike stand, stick a oil catch pan underneathe..and take off filter...easy 02 model I have
you don't have to remove the fairing to change the oil, but it is potentially a lot less messy if you do. if you were to drip while removing the filter, it would take more time to remove the fairing And clean it.
no stand needed. just hold the bike up straight, or sit on it and lean it over. thats what i did before i got my stands. oh, yeah, unless you ever dropped the bike, you wont know how heavy it really is, so be careful.
A bit of advice fellas - I change my oil without removing my fairings and without oil staining them. Just use some saran wrap or slice up a plastic trash bag and "line" the inside of the fairing where the oil would usually fall. Voila - a clean, simple and fairing removal free oil change! :D
that seems to take a while to wrap everything up. taking of the side fairing takes like 30 seconds for me. 2 minutes to put it back on. if it works for you then great.
I'm with Arturo on this one. Why spend all that time and energy trying to keep everything clean when it takes a few minutes to take off one fairing, and put it back on when your done?
I'm with ya Tommy. I can have the left fairing off in no time, and it isn't exactly hard work.
It only takes me 2 seconds to place the plastic bag or saran wrap in the correct area. But to each their own.
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