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does anyone make a smooth looking rear

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for the new 03 zx6r? i want to delete all that "junk" from the rear(turnsignals, mudflappy thing, plate holder, etc)

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here are some shots of my mods, check out this link....easy to do.


'03 Black Ninja ZX636R
Hey 'ninja637' those pictures look sweet! So where did you get that rear l.p. bracket and the flush mount turn signals?
It's a pretty easy mod to do once you figure out how the rear end comes apart, most people on this forum have already done it themselves, and in fact many people like myself built the fender eliminator themselves and saved a few bucks...

Check out THIS thread...


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It took me a while, but I took the fender completely off, mounted my plate on the battery box in front of the rear tire, and use hand signals. I don't want to drill into the body at all. Of course if you want signals, you can use the holes that are already there when you remove the mudflap to run you wires, and mount them right there. Or, you can get a fender eliminator kit which is going to be a piece of aluminum that will cost you about 50 bucks. Either way, take a pic and let us see what you come up with!

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i have seen some smooth looking rears on some of the girls I work with, so I would say GOD makes the best smooth looking rears in the world...

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ha me too lmfao:D

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