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So a coworker crashed his 2007 ZX-6R and then let it sit for 2 or 3 years. He brought it to me to put a new body fairing kit, tires etc on it.

I drained the tank and put fresh gas in it before running it. It had no power in the upper RPM range though. Gets up to about 6k and just won't pull at full throttle. If you let off a little, it will pick up a little more, but go back to full and it just kind of holds steady. Either way, it just won't pull like it should.

I pulled the tank and the fuel pump screen was pretty much disintegrated. I replaced the pump with an HFP fuel pump and screen. I also checked the fuel pressure regulator while I had it apart with air pressure. No real change to the running.

I then pulled the 8 injectors and sent them to have cleaned. All had good spray patterns and no real problem found. Cleaning increased the flow 15-20% though according to the company. Threw in new spark plugs just in case too. Still no change to the running.

While running in the garage, if you twist the throttle fast, it seems to hesitate or stumble somewhere around 4K. I have actually held it wide open and it just sits there stumbling at 4K. Sometimes it eventually revs higher, sometimes I just release the throttle.

The only other thing I noticed while test riding is the speedometer seems to be off. Not sure what gearing he has on it, but it read 70 MPH, and it felt like it was doing about 50.

I'm lost on what to do or check next. Is there an easy way to physically see if all of the injectors are actually squirting? Maybe something with the TPS? Maybe the HFP fuel pump isn't supplying enough fuel still?

Thanks for any help you can give.
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