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Doh! broken fairling/engine bolt!

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My friend's 2002 zx6r fell over on it's fram slider.
And it got bent and broke off.
(this was all int he driveay....)
bad part is that the bolt that was holding the frame slider has snapped!
half came out, but the other half is still in the hole...

Any ideas on how to get it out???
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Drill it out. Use a drill bit small enough, that you will not ruin the screw thread.
you can find special bits for broken screws at sears or any hardware store.
$5 easy-out. It's a left-handed screw looking bit that will fit in a drill or use a wrench. You drill a little hole (much smaller than the bolt) insert the bit and it'll twist right out.

Here's an example: http://www.tools-plus.com/han53407.html
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