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Dropped Bike - Ninja 400

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Hey Guys,

I let my friend hop on my bike and she kicked it into first (Engine was on and in neutral. I think she tried to rest her foot on the footpeg but hit the shifter instead). The bike jolted and she lost her balance and dropped it on its right side. After I made sure she was alright, i picked the bike up and rested it on the kickstand.

I tried to start it but it just kept cranking with no luck. I switched it off and on again and then it finally turned over. As I was riding home I couldnt help but notice that it sounded different. I dont know if its just psychological and I was just picking out sounds that I hadn't heard before, but, the bike kept making a slight ticking noise. Im not sure if thats normal or not, or if im just paying way more attention to the way it sounds. Even in the way it rides, it seemed a little off. Then again i could also be overthinking it.

However, on my ride home, the bike ran hot the whole ride home (about 40 minutes). Keep in mind it was at night and the air was pretty chilled and I was cruising around low revs. (4-5 out of 6 bars on the temp gague).

Even when I do ring it out on much warmer days it doesnt get nearly as close to high temps.

Keep in mind my bike does have oggy nobs on the fairings, and when I inspected the right side the only damage there was were very minor scratches on the muffler and mirror casing. No damage on the footpeg, rear brake pedal, or handle bars.

Is it all psychological and im just overthinking everything or is there an actual problem with the bike?

Now i this is the first time my bike has been flat on the pavement so it was a little gutwrenching when it happened.

P.s. The fan does still work, but I have never had my bike be so hot on a cold night, or even a pretty warm day.
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I think it's all psychological as the damage you describe is ultra light.

To be honest, I expected to read about bent handlebars and suspected handling issues.

Keep an eye on that temp fluctuation and if it persists, check the radiator corners for possible damage, I've seen massive damage there with no leaks, just reduced efficiency.


I learned something today :cool:

Keep in mind my bike does have oggy nobs on the fairings...
Yeah I expected bent handle bars, brake lever, and things but nothing. Those little crash protection nobs really did save the bike. No scuffs on any of the fairings either :D.

I did take it out for a ride to work this morning to see if it fixed in any way but it was still running hot. I had a look at the radiator and it is slightly discolored on the right side. (1/3 of the right side is darker than the rest of the radiator.

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I think im going to have to replace the radiator
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I would say give it some time, at least a couple of days, and then have it checked by a trusted mechanic before replacing it.

Check the thermostat and the whole water cooling circuit too.
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