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EBOZ to Ducati?!

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The following release is from Ducati...

Eric Bostrom is set to spearhead the Ducati attack on the 2004 AMA Superbike championship in one of the most exciting challenges seen in North America's premier motorcycle racing series for many years.

The 27 year-old from San Francisco, who celebrates his birthday today, could not have wished for better news as it was announced that he will form part of the factory-supported Ducati effort to claim the AMA title for the first time since 1994.

The world-famous racing division from Bologna will be providing the machines and the technical support for the factory-supported team, which will take part in the 18-race 2004 AMA Superbike schedule with the new Ducati 999.

"We are extremely satisfied to have reached a two-year agreement with Eric Bostrom to take part in the AMA championship" declared Ducati Corse Superbike Director Paolo Ciabatti. "As well as being an extremely talented rider, Eric will also be an excellent 'ambassador' for Ducati in one of the most important strategic markets for our company".

"Thanks to the collaboration with Terry Gregoricka of Ducati Austin, who will make available the logistics structure, technicians and the experience of his team at their new Road Atlanta premises in a two-year deal, and with the appointment of a Ducati Corse engineer as technical director, we are certain that next year will see us obtain some important results".

Michael Lock, Ducati North America CEO, added: "This is the good news that we have been expecting for some time. Finally Ducati will have the right package of rider, team and machinery to be able to put together a serious challenge for the AMA title. We are sure that Eric's talent and popularity will help Ducati achieve major visibility in the North American market".

Las Vegas resident Bostrom, who has four US National titles to his name, finished seventh overall in the 2003 Chevy Trucks AMA Superbike championship with 350 points, but would surely have finished higher up the table had he not suffered a badly-dislocated right shoulder in a first turn pile-up during the opening lap of the Laguna Seca World Superbike race.

"I'm totally pumped to sign with Ducati. They've shown a huge commitment to step up their American Superbike campaign" declared Eric Bostrom. "Obviously, jumping onto the World Championship machine brings high expectations, but at the moment I just can't wait to get on the bike. Between the 999, myself, and the Michelins, 2004 is going to be an exciting year. A year that will hopefully see a Ducati twin back on top in the U.S. and give the Ducatisti something to cheer about."

"I'd also like to thank all of my fans and sponsors for their support during this time of change in my career. I've received lots of encouraging e-mails from my fans and hope to continue giving everyone something to cheer about as my career continues to progress forward."

"Obviously leaving Kawasaki USA was a tough decision. We really had great successes over the years and I really felt comfortable there, but I believe that joining the Ducati family is a positive step in the right direction for my career."

The Ducati 999, which will be racing for the first time in the AMA championship, will be able to count on the support of French tyre manufacturer Michelin, recreating a successful long-term partnership that has brought the two companies a total of seven world Riders' titles, including the 2003 crown for Neil Hodgson in the Ducati 999's debut season.

"We are delighted to be able to continue our successful collaboration with Ducati, also in the AMA championship" declared Nicolas Goubert, Michelin's Head of Motorcycle Competition. "With its different circuits and conditions, the AMA Superbike championship will offer a major technical challenge for us and we are happy to face up to it with our long-term partner Ducati."

With over three months to go before the start of the 2004 season, Eric will be seen in action on the Ducati 999 for the first time at Daytona tyre testing on 4-6 December, but already expectation is high over the combination of one of the USA's most talented riders and one of the world's most exciting Superbike racing machines.
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going to be interesting...

i mean I could understand if Eric wanted to goto MotoGP and left Kawasaki to persue that, but to just jump ship to another AMA Superbike team is strange unless the 10R isn't ready for prime time....
He wanted to race in the elite class and kawasaki was unable to provice that for him. Now he will be on the 999 for the nest 2 years and based on his results there he will probably end up in moto gp on one of there ducatis. Its a great move for a great racer. I hate to see him leave team green as he has brought nothing but enjoyment to the racing world aboard the little engine that could, but he wants to be a champion and Ducati will get him there. Good luck EBOZ you will be missed by the kawi family but we wish you all the luck.[:p]
Originally posted by Andy_7676
going to be interesting...

i mean I could understand if Eric wanted to goto MotoGP and left Kawasaki to persue that, but to just jump ship to another AMA Superbike team is strange unless the 10R isn't ready for prime time....
Kawi decided not to race in AMA superbike, only race the 10R in superstock. Eboz's contract said he would only race in superbike, so I can see why he would not want to take a "step down" to superstock, the world markets don't notice you unless your racing the top division of wherever you are..
let's see if he can overcome the ducati curse at daytona...;)
that team seems to have a lot of problems..gobert was let go because of some problem with a mechanic and they just didn't do so well in the season. plus it seems like ducati engines like to blow up![}:)]
I think Mat is gunna have his hands full...as long as Eric has no problems adjusting to Michelins (Hodgeson didn't) I'd put my money on him winning...so long as nobody submarines him.
crap! I wonder why Kawi isnt going to race the 10r in superbike? I for one will mourn the loss of ebos
Well this sucks! The more that I think about it the more I get pissed off at the AMA and Kawasaki America! This two year period should have become a signifigant era in Kawsaki history. First the AMA changes rules that kill the 636 on the track (too bad those 750's couldnt hang) The had to take points from Tommy for utter bullshit! They ultimately succeeded in stealing the superstock championship from him. Now Kawasaki America shoots itself in the foot! WTF? Didnt I read somewhere in the Forum that Attack (formerly attack Suzuki) will sponsor the 10r in superbike this year? I wonder who will ride for them?
continuing my rant ...................... I also find it hard to believe that Kawasaki would market and sell the 10r before its time. How fucked up could the bike really be?
Easy sclong... it's okay... put down the sharp objects... come with us... we won't hurt you... just gonna get you some help... there there...
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I'm with sclong.....im pissed too!!!!!!
he's right about the attack thing though..i wonder who will ride for them?
Roget Lee Hayden and Tony Meiring are riding for Attack Kawasaki. I don't think they've annoubced in what classes yet.

As for no 10R in superbike, there are quite a few reasons, the biggest of which is $$$. Look at world superbike, no factory supported teams there at all. That means there is no officially developed bikes for the national superbike series' (like AMA SB) to learn from. Meaning they have to develop the superbike all by themselves = big bucks.

British SB, Australian, and Canadian superbike series' will all be runnign 10R's. So why not the US? Well the US is (AFAIK) the only one that has an alternate class, superstock, that they can run in. This is a lot cheaper as the allowable modifications are not near as broad. I bet we'd see the same thing in all the other countries too if that class existed. But seeing how the US is such a big market, most teams are swallowing the R&D costs and running it anyway (not kawi though).

And superbike is a dying class, at the world and national levels. Kawi (IMO) know it won't exist as-is for too much longer and can't be bothered to spend the big bucks (the 7RR was a perfect example). Sure, the US gets no kawi, but look at the world stage...no suzuki, no yamaha, no kawi, no honda, no aprillia. You'll see some of those bikes as privateer teams (Ten Cate-cbr1000rr, Bertolli kawi-zx10r) but with NO factory support.

Noboday is talking about Yamaha though, they're doing the exact same thing in the US...no Superbike. Anyway, it's too bad, but what can ya do? The 10R will be racing just not where we'd all like to see it. Eric would still be with team green if they had just bit the bullet.
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Meiring is gone too huh? Wonder how long it will take for Tommy to follow suit? Do they have any replacements for eboz or meiring yet? .............. Im just going to take a deep breath and perhaps a ride. See you guys tommorow.
They are still under contract with Kawasaki USA, but loaned to Attack...something like that.
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