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Engine Covers

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left side cover (generator cover) 102.58 including shipping for an OEM cover. Does that sound about right? I've seen some aftermarket ones, but I would prefer the original part. Any suggestions? Thanks all.

Oh and I didn't mess mine up. So the story goes, the guy who owned my bike before me parked the bike with the kickstand not all the way down and the bike fell.[?]

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I went today and got a new generator cover, the one on the bottom left farring, right under the zx6r decal....i have a 03 636 and mine got all scratched up, because i let my brother-in-law ride it and he slipped on some gravel and dumped it....thank god for that cover, because that saved the rest of the bike from getting scratched up...got to your kaw dealer, i got mine for $101.08...good luck man, tell me how it went!!!!
I know you said you wanted origional, but for others out there looking to replace a cover, http://www.nrcracing.ca makes aftermarket covers, many times stronger then stock. These are used by race teams worldwide.
Yeah, what he said. Don't waste your time on the stock covers. One small crash and you'll pop a hole in them like a tin can. I have the NRC cover and it was about $110-$120 (?). Sorry, I don't remember exactly what the price was, but it is much better than stock and could potentially last several lowsides without rupturing. It is a must for trackdays and racing, in fact it is a requirement for racing that the generator cover be replaced.
Do you guys know anything about changing the covers yourself....I mean thats what I'm going to have to do and it really doesnt look like a critical procedure, any help on what to do would be appreciated....Thanks guys!!!!
It is pretty straigt forward. You will need a gasket and a way to set the bike upright like a rear stand to keep oil from leaking out. You also have to transfer the stator coils from the old cover to the new one. The screw that hold them on are sometime difficult to get out because they use Loctite on them.

I also replaced my OEM cover for the NRC. It is about 1000% better. Some moron knocked my bike over on that side and it didn't even scratch it.
Thanks Johnsey, your a life saver man!!!!
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