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Hey all, i'm gonna need some other ER6 heads to figure this one out...
recently i started hearing and feeling some slight clicking from the bars, i was like, okay steering head bearing is going out, I lift the bike, yes indeed the steering has a noticeable notch, cool no problem, I got the bearings, I rode the bike around for another week because it wasn't so bad, I finished my work week with the intention that I'll do the steering head bearings and while i'm at it might aswell do wheel bearings. So I'm coming home on Sunday evening, clicking is pretty bad, but bike still rides fine. Today, on Tuesday, up the bike goes on the stands, ready for front wheel removal and as i'm spinning it around loud crunching and crackling is heard, good thing I'm doing wheel bearings too, only to be greeted by this:(Pic 1)

Nice a busted bearing... I shake it around the balls fall into the hub and the inner race wiggles around the hub, hmm weird...

I try to take the inner race out only for it to be fused with the front hub collar and both come out in 1 piece leaving me with this:

Collar (Pic 2)

Busted side (Pic 3)

Good side from the inside (Pic 4)

Inside of busted side (Pic 5

Now I'm not sure how the bearing situation is on this bike, some people i discussed it with said that the busted side is not supposed to have a shoulder and thats so when you tighten the spindle it pulls the bearings and collar and all together to be tight. I couldn't find the contrary to this but in my mind it would only be logical that both sides have a shoulder for the outside of the bearing to sit on in which case the busted side the ball bearing that dropped out got stuck between the collar and the wheel and carved both of them up real good...
I definitely need a new collar but it's near impossible to find and I refuse to pay £40 for an aluminium tube... That's assuming I can still mount bearings in that wheel... If not, I do not know why this godforsaken bike has such expensive wheel because some higher end bikes like R6s you can get a used set, front and rear with tyres and disks on them for £150, the ER6, £250 for JUST RIMS (Not that i need anything else off of it).

Either way i need more takes on this. Is this wheel salvageable, perhaps even the collar? I don't think there is a lot of force acting on the collar and as far as i'm aware it's only there to cover up the spindle and protect it from dirt and grime and protect the inside of the bearings. Also the dust seals are rock hard and near impossible to get out without messing up the inside of the hub, I'll give it another try tomorrow though.

Any help is massively appreciated!


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