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ER6N 2016 battery sparks when I connect ngtv

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My Er6n blew a fuse on the solenoid and turned both the engine and electronics off completely.
I replace a fuse on the solenoid and it starts up. But after idling for an hour upon driving not 100m the solenoid fuse blows again.
Fresh battery once I connect it from the positive first then once I connect negative it sparks badly. And with the key turned off I can hear electricity passing up the fuel tank. I’ve road the bike once forcing the negative on and the solenoid fuse blows each time. Installed new solenoid and new headlight bulbs after all this. Still the same result.

Any feedback is welcome and I apologise if my post is in the wrong place this is my first time here.
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You may need a Hand full of 30A Fuses before the issue is identified ;)
First thing to do is un-plug the Regulator/Rectifier and try again.
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