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Ever Had a Bad Wheelie Day

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Yesterday night, right after the movies, actually earlier in the day I was just having a bad day for my wheelie's.
I'd pull a standup and it would barely lift and I'd get a little wobble when I came down. I didn't know what it was so I just kept practicing and still no go. I'd come up on an angle a few times and then just let it go before I baked it.

Then as I was leaving I tried a first gear that barely came up! WTF? was I doing wrong, and when it came up I was leaning to the left a bit. So went to the movies with friends and then later on tried some more standups no go. Had a really shitty night then just went on a long ride by myself to clear my head and boom. I got it back. First gear's, second gear standups. It was mental in my opinion.

Anyone else have this? I think that if you think you're going to do shit or think you're going to come up on angle then you will.
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check the stunters section. they have good advice.
Had that happen to me a week or two ago on the day we were supposed to take photos. They camera came out and I couldn't do a single thing right. little wheelies and baby stoppies the whole time except one good one that was of course not in front of the camera. I feel you, man!
As soon as you think about it too much .. it doesnt happen .. i.e. when trying to perform for the camera lol .. same thing happens to me ... can hold it up there for a while on the road .. no problems ... camera comes out front barely lifts lol .. but some days on the road get the same thing .. guess its the mans curse , women have bad hair days ... we get bad wheelie days ;)
I've had my bad days as well. I've also found that if you hesitate at all, such as looking around or worrying about cops, or worrying about coming up crooked, or coming down crooked, you won't get a good wheelie. The other day, a friend of mine was in his car behind me, and I wanted to pull a first gear wheelie for him (squidly show off, I know) but I was worried about a cop seeing me, and I accidentally revved up too high before I powered it up. It still got about two feet in the air, but to me, it was a shitty wheelie.

I kind of look at wheelies like I do golf. If you think about a shot too much, and take too long to hit it, you'll hit a bad shot. If you take one practice swing or two, then walk up and immediately hit the ball without thinking, it will be decent 9 out of 10 times. Like beezer said, it's all mental.
yeah i find that when i don't mean to wheelie i can pull off some good ones. but if i see chicks and purposely try to hoist the wheel, i can't do it for the life of me.
i find that when i have a full tank of gas its damn near impossible, but once i burn some off the top she bucks like a wild horse.
Thought about one today .. and it worked lol ...cops coming the other way down the motorway / dual carriageway *think USA call it a freeway*...saw them from a fair distance .. dropped down to about 40 mph .. clutched her up .. and flew past them on the other side of the road on one wheel :D damn it felt good .. muhahahaha
Everyone has bad days. Sometimes when Im riding it just doesnt feel right pulling wheelies so I dont do that day. I think thats why alot of people wreck because when it doesnt feel right they just keep doing it anyways and wreck.
I definitely agree with Kelvin........I am always the hold up whenever my buddies and I are out having a squidfest.......I always have to stop for gas cuz I never want a full tank. But as far as the mental thing goes, I totally agree with that as well. Some days I'll try too hard and embarass the hell outta myself. But on days when I'm not thinking much about what I'm doing I'll damn near scare the $hit outta myself in first gear! Those are the nights when I'm walkin' a little funny when I get home from slamming some serious wheelies back down to earth! My most vertical stoppies have all happened under these conditions too.
If you've ever seen the movie "Biker Boyz", you'll know about Smoke's whole deal where he says that when he races, he sees and thinks of nothing but the finish line. Well I think that is how all bikers should think. Just worry about one thing at a time and focus on the ultimate goal......i.e. worry about the ultimate goal of putting air under that front tire and don't worry about cops, women, cameras, etc......clear your mind! This applies (for me at least) to getting down in the twisties, pulling good wheelies, pegging hardcore stoppies and even avoiding wrecks and collisions!
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i agree with minytrkr(sp?) when you feel frustrated about it and youre not having a good wheelie day, dont do it! thats when all the accidents happen. had a really hard day at work? then your minds not in it and you go tryin too much and loop your bike or come down crooked or some other bs. only do stunts when it feels right. i do my best wheelies when i havent rode for 2 or 3 days. gets the rush back into doing them again. and to the newbs, dont go out and watch streefighterz or a stunt video and get all hyped and then immidiately try the shit you saw. your gonna get hurt. take it gradually.
wheelies are better with less planning.....kinda Zen-like.
Newbies make sure your comfortable on your bike first.....wheelies will come
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