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Ok so, I am in 100% agreement on extended warranties money you throw down for nothing, makes companies rich usually nothing happens, you get screwed with no financial return whatsoever.


I'm purchasing a 2008 VN2000 Classic LT (I've owned one before I LOVE the bike) I'm getting it used from a dealer. It has 74,282 miles on it. The dealer (out of FL) offers a WRAP warranty for vehicles with less than 75k on them.
4years $1095.. so yes 1/5 the cost of the bike.
Roger that.

But it covers 100% of anything that could go wrong--
excluding Tires--
any certified mechanic can repair the bike in US or Canada
$0.00 deductible.
Starter goes.. covered
Ignition switch covered
Solenoid covered
Tensioner belts covered
drive belt covered
Injectors coverer
anything electrical covered

Or so the guy tells me.

So, I'm reading through the fine print of the policy --haven't decided up or down yet...
but looking through, it appears to be as comprehensive as advertised and with no exclusions on coverage based on really any situation...

If it was a new bike... HELL NO!

But this baby's got almost 75K on her. In 4 years, the way I ride, she'll have another 55k-75k on her.

So I'm having a hard time not thinking, in this one instance, it may be a good investment.

Even just playing the odds.

Also, and I'm going to verify this with the company, in writing, before I do anything: I can Darkside the bike and the warranty will be unaffected.

Feel free to knock some sense back into me.

But in this instance, I'm 65% on the "yes warranty" side...

Save me from myself.


The Cumaean Sibyl
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