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Bolt on and then ready to go all jetted correctly for the ZX11D add another 10hp, Dual flo-commanders for Main and pilot air jets, Throttle cables included, airbox not included. Airbox adapters sells for $59 each x 4= $236.00 Flo-commanders w K&N filters $159 each x2 =$318.00..seen these carbs on ebay new for $1500 not including airbox adapters..Total $2054.00 selling for $1200 plus shipping cost for everything...Think about it hell of a deal. Bike ran awesome with these carbs seat of the pants performance..Will need to notch frame cross member to clear accelerator pump.. No biggie

Used 3/4 heaters hose for throttle shaft dust boots fits perfectly and heavy duty.

Flo-Commander by Performance Design


My name is Jamie McClendon I talked to you about how well the Flow Commander for the Pilot and AIR jets worked for me on my FCR 39 Flatslides. I heard about them from Matt at Matts Motorcycle Performance in Killeen, TX and he and I have been friends for about12 years. He swore by them so he ordered the top end F/C for me and it worked so well a few days later I called him and told him to order me the pilot kit. I could have almost kissed him for how well they made my flatslides work. You really have a good product and Matt is doing a good job promoting it for you and now you definitely have another friend in your corner. A 150.00 for each kit is very reasonable, you buy a jet kit and off come the carbs and a whole mess of things. This product is user friendly with very precise instructions. So easy a CAVEMAN could do it. IT REALLY WORKS GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!! Jamie
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