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feeler gauges

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I'm in the process of a valve clearance adjustment on my '95 6R and need to buy a set of feelers. Anyone know which will work better: straight or bent? Thanks in advance
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Give the bent ones a try. Why not just pick up a set of both, its not like they are super expensive.

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Buy the straight ones....if you don't like them...bend them, now you have bent feelers!

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Bent feelers tend to be longer than straight feelers right out the box. Granted bending straight ones works quite well in some situations, there might come a time when you need the longer reach of a set of factory bent long feeler gauges.

Let me know how it turns out. I have to adjust the valves on my '95 ZX-6R. I am particularly interested in the size range of the shims that are in there now and how much of any you had to change adjustment. Mine has about 15,000 miles on it.
Thanks for the replies guys, ended up usin the bent ones and they worked just fine. swjohnsey, luckily my clearances were all within tolerance because adjusting clearances requires changing shims, which means removing the cams, but i think you know that. My bike has 32k on it and the mechanic at the dealer said it is not common for 6Rs to go that long without need of new shims, so I think maybe someone had it done before. Anyway, as far as shim size, I went by clearances only and didn't dig into the shims so I don't know what size they are. If mine would have been out of tolerance I'm sure I would have taken it to a shop for shim replacement, but good luck if you do it yourself.
I hope mine doesn't require cam removal. It runs fine and idles fine. I am just going to do it because I am anal.
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