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FINAL CALL - trackday 7/27 (Fontana, CA) 25% OFF

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I'm trying to organize a track day on 7/27 for riders who've never gone with fastrackriders.com before. The incentive is a discount. The discount works like this: If a rider introduces new rider(s) to fastrackriders, there is a discount as follows -
1 new rider = 25% discount for the previous rider
2 new riders = 50% discount for the previous rider
3 new riders = 100% discount for the previous rider.
To be fair, the discount can be split equally between the riders, like this:
1 old rider + 1 new rider = 12.5% discount each
1 old rider + 2 new riders = 16.6% discount each
1 old rider + 3 new riders = 25% discount each
Definition of new rider = never been to a track day *with fastrackriders* before.
[Note: we'll all get a bigger discount than if you just go by yourselves. Example: 2 new riders by themselves = 12.5% discount each. 2 new riders + 1 previous rider = 16.6% discount each]

On July 27, 2003 (Sunday), fastrackriders has a track day at the AMA track in Fontana, CA. So far, besides me, there is 1 person who's interested, and maybe one other person might join. So, if anyone else is interested, let's get together so we can all get a bigger discount. (If there are more than 4 people total, I'll TRY to talk to Fastrackriders to give at least 25% discount to each rider.)

Depending on location, we could also share a van rental or something.
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I don't know if I'm the one who was interested or the maybe, but it's definitly a go[:p]

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Thanks, luminescient! (you were the one who's interested, and your sister was the maybe)
Hey, luminescient. Looks like it's only the two of us so far. In that case, I was wondering if you wanted to move it to 6/28 (Saturday)? (The original reason for the 7/27 date was because I thought CDRacingZX6R could join us but turns out he already registered). One advantage is that the safety school will be slightly cheaper ($65 instead of $75) until 6/30. Let me know what you prefer. I called fastrack, and they said they have slots available on 6/28 (as well as 7/27).

Mic Ty
Hey guys, I just found out my reservation was for the wrong day I think Im gonna switch it to the 27th now, how do I go in with you? Also my dad might be going to, that would make 2 of us total. Hows this gonna work?


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Oh and were both two new riders.

03 636
In that case it would be perfect (maximum discount)!

Luminescient - new rider
CDRacingZX6R - new rider
CDRacingZX6R's dad - new rider
Micty - previous rider

This means that they'll give me a 100% ($200) discount, which we can split equally between the 4 of us: 25% (i.e., $50) each.

But make sure you can change your sched. Because afaik, they charge something for changing scheds.

Also, let's agree on either 6/28 Sat or 7/27 Sun. Until 6/30, the safety school will be a little cheaper ($65 vs. $70). If you guys wanna do other days (e.g., 6/29 sun), let me know.
(as for me, I would prefer a Saturday, although a Sunday is fine too, and also, I won't be able to go on 7/26 saturday).

P.S. Don't register directly -- instead, I can register for all of us to make sure we all get the discount!
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Hey micty, if we can get a group of 6 to go who have been w/ Fastrack before, the 6th person is free now too. ~20% discount.
My sister has decided that she will definitely go too, so that is one more. As for the date, I need to go for 7/27. Right now I'm strapped for cash, and I need to find a job since I just moved back into the area. Also I need some time to modify some frame sliders to fit my bike.

The only thing that a Gixxer hurts is my soul!
Hey totalbrody, thanks for the info! Let me know if you wanna join us too!

Thanks luminescient - I'm sure you and your sis will enjoy it!

CDRacingZX6R, about the resched thing -- first of all, make sure you can reschedule, because I think they charge $50 or something for rescheduling. Secondly, according to fastrackriders, if you are in their database, you won't be considered a new rider. So if your friend already registered you, you'll still be in their database even if you didn't actually ride. Just let me know about your situation and we'll try to work something out for all of us (see below).

OK, there are 3 possible promos we can take advantage of, depending on whether CDRacingZX6R and/or his dad are considered new riders or not (I'm assuming Luminescient and his sis are new to fastrackriders):

Promo 1 (if CD and his dad are new riders): 1 old rider + 4 new riders = 100% for one rider + 25% discount for another rider = 25% discount each person.
Promo 2 (if CD is not a new rider but his dad is a new rider): 2 old riders + 3 new riders = 100% for one rider = 20% discount each person
Promo 3 (if both CD and his dad are not new riders): 6 riders (new or old) = 100% discount for one rider = 16.6% discount each person. We would have to look for one more rider (new or old) to take advantage of this promo.

So, CDRacingZX6R, let me know whether you can reschedule, and whether you and/or your dad were already registered by your friend.

So far 7/27 is still open. Let's make it an [unofficial] zx6r.com trackday!!! [8D]

P.S. Fastrack said we all have to register at the same time.
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OK! CDRacingZX6R is confirmed AND he's a new rider.

So: CD - new rider, Luminescient - new rider, Luminescient's sister - new rider, me - previous rider. Discount = 100% for one rider = 25% discount each.

CD, if your dad is coming, he'll get a 25% discount also (i.e., all five of us will each get a 25% discount).

I'm calling fastrackriders then I'll let you all know how we can register!

Michael Ty
OK, here is how we can register: Basically, each rider has to register himself/herself at www.fastrackriders.com. In the registration form, there is a section for Notes. In that section, please state that you were referred by Michael Ty. (If you don't do this step, we won't be able to get the discount)
Then after you register, please let me know. After you all register, I will register, and indicate to them that I referred you, and I'll give them your names. Fastrack will cross-check the names I give with your names and your notes section. When they verify that the 3 (or 4) of you indeed were referred by me, they'll give me 100% (or 125%) credit.
Then when we meet on 7/27, I'll give each of you your share of the discount ($50 cash or 25% discount off the track fee assuming 3 or 4 of you register). If you prefer to get the discount earlier, you can also meet me (I'm in Pasadena) and I can give it to you right away. If any
of you have questions, pls. call me (I e-mailed you my phone number).

Michael Ty (micty)
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Alright me and my pop's are gonna sign up for it probably no later than sunday. I will email you Micty as soon as we do so that you know.

Can't wait until its time to go.. Seems like its a life time away.

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Hey how much $ does the track days cost? without the diccount?
I have a friend who would like to go we are both newbies. What are we lookin to spend?

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The cost of a trackday differs depending on the organizer, the track, and the day (weekends cost more than weekdays). In our case, we're organizing a group for a trackday with www.fastrackriders.com on 7/27/03 (Sun) at the AMA track in California Speedway (Fontana, CA). The cost of that trackday without discount is $199. That does not include a separate $75 safety school, which you are required to take if you haven't been on a track before.

Re - discount. Fastrackriders has a program that gives a previous rider a discount for introducing new riders (new riders = never been with fastrackriders.com before and not on their database). To be fair, we decided to split up that discount. Assuming CDRacingZX6R, his dad, Luminescient, and his sister all register, the discount will be 25% from the trackday fee (i.e., $50) for each rider. Pls. see my previous posts as to how the discount works. If you wanna join our group, it's likely that you can also get a 25% discount. But I have to call fastrackriders to verify that.
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sound good. I have never been to a track day but I want to go!! what is the latest date we can register? I need to scrounge up some cash for new rubber and crap? just need to know how much time I have to scrounge.

PS I also live in pasadena we should hook up some time and ride the crest:D

Wise man once say if it has tits or wheels it's going to cost you!
jahlion, you can probably register until a few weeks before 7/27. The tricky part is that until all the new riders register, I can't register. Also, they limit the number of riders per level, so if for whatever reason a lot of people sign up, you could get locked out (and miss the discount). So, the sooner you register the better. Pls. see the instructions above on how to register.

Thanks for your invitation to ride -- but right now, I'm too inexperienced (only about 2.5k miles riding experience so far), and I don't want to be a danger to anyone. To give you an idea, I was one of the slowest riders on my first trackday! [:I] Maybe I'll ride with you after I take a class with STAR! :)
Shit, My car just brokedown and I have to put in the shop! So I think I will pass on this on sorry:(

PS. the crest is not a race track we just take it easy up there. if you change you mind let me know, my friend and Iare going up this weekend:D I am the slowest in the group I have only been riding about a year.

Wise man once say if it has tits or wheels it's going to cost you!
Hey Micty, I'm shortly going to sign up under your group. Just wanted to inform you that I'm not going to regiester for the newbie school. I'm just gonna say that I already went to a rider school at Willow (Which is true), but I don't feel comfortable going up to group 2 (Which is also true). Will this effect the over all deal you worked? Or does it even matter?

03 636
It won't matter. The discount is for riders new to fasttrack, not riders who have never been to a trackday. And just so that everyone knows, you also have to have full leathers, either a one piece or a jacket that zips into your pants. If you do not own a pair, you can rent a pair of Vanson's for $65. So if you have never been it would be:
$75-safety school
$15-bring extra gas!
-$50-group discount

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