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07 ZZR600 has done dozens of trackdays since I bought it new with barely a wiggle. I was at NJMP lightning this weekend and was getting up to speed during the last session of the first day. Halfway through the second lap I tipped in for turn 7 and the front tire might as well have just un-mounted itself and walked home for all the good it did. The bike dropped straight to the deck. Never even got near the apex.
My only guess is that the only other left was a throw-away due to dirt on the track and it was getting cool and overcast, so the left side of the tire may have still been cold...Every other crash I've has had some explanation, even if it was just me pushing the limits. This one was annoying because I'm clueless and why couldn't that happen any old time?
I also used to start every event one new tires, and recently I have been running 4 days on dunlops Q3's with good luck. this was the third day, so there is that too...
Anyway, take aways:

1. R&G sliders kick ass. It would have been a ride away with almost no damage except it did a flip in the grass and destroyed everything on the right side.
2. Be aware of warming both sides of your tires.
3. New tires every event if you can.

Also, are the cheap Chinese fairings off ebay any good?
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