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Are you guys serious? What sight am I on Gixxer.com. I find if funny that you think I am some kid who just bought a bike. That is fine that you don't find the graphics to your liking. But to continue on and insult me like I have 500 stickers and I didn't go with a 3inch HR-1 exhaust fart can means I am rice? And this exhaust is Area P's quite core. I have been on this sight quite some time and have ridden for a long time. But is classless forum members like you that drive good forums members away. I look at forum members like you with plenty of your post that u have no life but to talk trash which equates to your lifeless post count. Insert here two finger solute.

gettin' all butt hurt eh?

you really shouldn't care that much..

but seriously, fix your fender. lmao.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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