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I will tell you this has been one of the worst experiences after being told by my dealer that I was no longer going to get my black 08, and that I would have to put another 500 for the 09. I put my deposit in April, and waited patiently. I passed up several clean 08's before the announcement. So I took my money back and tried searching but the prices of used 08 are out of control. I have had my area p quiet core and jet kit sitting in my garage and was about to put them on ebay. I all but gave up but on Saturday I was bored and was on craig's list. I saw an add in Vermont and had to look at it 10x due to the fact it was an 08 with 600 miles and for 3,500. The add was five days old and I thought for sure it was gone. I called and he said it was for real. I drove 4 hours one way to see it. Took one look handed him cash, and then he was on his way to pick up a 05 636 (Much older gentleman who sold his 50th anniversary R6 and wanted to go back to a great middleweight.)

All I have to say.... It was worth the wait. This is my 4th bike, previous bikes CBR F1, SV650, and my old magma 636. I have been riding since 98. I cant believe how much fun this bike is! It is so flickable and the stock suspension really surprised me with it's firmness. If anyone rode a stock SV650 it is like the front end is like a pogo stick. This morning I installed the Area P quiet core and it sounds simply amazing. Reminds me of a tamer version of the SV with the scropion slip on. I have definately noticed an improvement in power delivery. I can't wait to install the dyno jet kit.

Many riders move up to liter bikes, I decided to go to a 1/4 liter and I will tell you it was worth it :). Those who are still looking for one be patient, and keep looking.

Last thing it is kawi green, which was my last choice but after seeing it in person it looks very nice.
congrats... finally.

what's wrong with green??? plus, they are the fastest of all the colors produced... or did you not know that? :confused:

when you do the jet kit, how about a picture DIY from start to finish? :)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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