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First Picture of my Bike

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1998 ZX6R a lot planned for this including the 02 front end, red rims, seat cover, jet kit etc... stay tunned

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Damn thats purdy!! But I guess IM biased. LOL

98 6R. TBR slip-on. No poser add-ons.
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nice color choice fellas!

billy m.

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Dam nice bikes guys <img src=icon_smile_big.gif border=0 align=middle> !!!!

I see a Hindle & a Muzzy, can't see whats on the other. How do you guys like those cans???

I went with the Yosh SR-3, mainly due to 2 things, the "made in the USA" thing and a lot of good reviews of the quality. Well, also it's what the shop down the street had in stock, everything else was a 3 to 8 week wait. Love the sound though.

Ride safe!!!!

It's days like this I wish I still did drugs!
Lota plain red. Mine looks dark but its same a others.
Mine has Two borthers slip on. Deep sound.

The 98's where so fast, they didnt waist money on graphics cause they knew no one could read at that speed.

98 6R. TBR slip-on. No poser add-ons.
nice bike zx6r2nv... my bro has a 2001 in the blue color scheme and it looks very very sweet... although i don't remember ever seeing the red scheme here in perth (western australia) so i guess it must be available only in the us?

i know that curiosity killed the cat, but i am willing to take chances and ask anyways...

how hard/easy/costly is it to update the front end from a pre-2000 nose to a post-2000 nose?

I am still on my baby bike, and am considering a zx-6r for my next bike, but can't afford a new 6r, and when i saw that the new nose conversions are possible, i am thinking of a second hand old 6r with a new nose...

any ideas?


Dreaming of a ZX-6R
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I like your Muzzy bolt on...
How does it sound??
I'm planing to get one myself..

Kawasaki NINJA - Feel the FORCE!!
Hi guys

Right now im in the process of doing the conversion.....so far the only piece im missing is the ram air tube covers, but those are easy to find.

The new front fairing is in the shop being repair and painted.. I bought it off ebay with 2 cracks in it.....though id save some money that way rather than paying the 750 CAD price tag on a new one.

I got all the parts on ebay, including the headlight for only 60US.

If everything goes well, ill probably be able to get the conversion done one saturday afternoon and hopefully be riding it b4 the end of this riding season

Well, i love the sound of the muzzy, but i think im going to be upgrading the entire exhaust if i decide to keep the bike....those 2003 ZX6RR or 2003 R6 are looking pretty freaking sweet
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