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Hey I'm a college student in Oregon looking to get into riding. I'm signed up for the class with Team Oregon for next month and I've started looking at both new and used bikes at dealers and on Craigslist.

Sense it might be useful I'm 6'1 185lbs and work out so I'd say above average strength.

I'm really looking at two bikes, either a ninja or the new honda cbr250. Problem is the honda is only new so if i want to not spend $4,000 its gonna be a Ninja.

Now I was initially exclusively browsing 250's but I went to a dealer this weekend and he told me because of my size I might want to check out 500's as well. It's pretty hard to find a 2006+ Ninja (like the newer Ninja's looks a lot better) for a price I feel is reasonable as used. FYI my reasonable price would be less than $3000 for a bike over 3000 miles on it that is not like a 2010 or 2011. I don't care about after market addons as I just want stock.

I recently saw a 2006 Ninja 500d pop up for $2600 and I was like wow good deal. Is this a good deal? Should I stick to 2006-2011 Ninja 250's or is a 500 fine for my size?

Basically looking for just any kind of advice. Thanks.
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