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I see you have this posted on at least one other forum but there's not much detail on the brand or this suit. There are two different Route 21 websites both look like the same company but offer very different products.

1. Is it a 38 or 40 size? (the website's sizing chart is crap and has no measurements which seems suspect already)
2. Is there a model number/name attached to the suit you are selling?
3. What type of Armor is in it?
4. Is the Armor CE certified?
5. Do knee sliders come with the suit?

Considering they sell "military" gear and I haven't seen any of their stuff used stateside or deployed in over 8yrs I question that. I understand you may not know much about the company but I can't make an honest offer without that info and even then the company doesn't seem to be well known in stateside so the offer will be low.

Thanks for any info and your understanding
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