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Only 2778 miles.I have been getting 45 mpg. I am 32 years old with two kids and one on the way. This bike has been babied and it has never seen the redline and never seen a wheelie. I only road the backroads near my house on weekends. This bike is in showroom condition. Garage Kept. Hand washed.

Extras: D and D black satin bolt on exhaust (sounds great) I also have stock exhaust if interested.

Black bubble windscreen (great wind protection) I also have the stock windscreen if interested.

DIY undertail with intergrated tail light/blinkers.

LP frame sliders

Motorcycle cover

Maintenance: Changed oil and filter at 117 miles.

dealer serviced at 656 miles (oil, filter and checked over).

changes oil and filter to synthetic at 1956 miles.

Never had a problem with anything on this bike.

For specs http://www.kawasaki.com/Products/Detail.aspx?id=268

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