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Front wheel

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Hi all, newbie on this, I've been smartening up my 1990 Zzr 600 and am now putting back together, I have a question about front wheel!?
When I took it off I put all parts together, however on reinstalling I'm unsure of a fitting that doesn't look right,it maybe but 🤷‍♂️ where the wheel fits to forks there is a spacer that sits against the bearing,it seems odd that the bearing is no covered though?? Am I missing a part? Looked in book and can't see anything! Many thanks
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Hi thanks for reply, the overside is covered by the Speedo cable housing, the spacer that I have came off that area, I didn't take a lot of notice of it when I took it off,only on reinstalling it I looked and just looks odd! I'll try take a better picture shortly
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Pictures of spacer out,spacer and spacer in,also this is the spacer listed for it, cheers
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