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FS: 02 ZX6R $3k

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I'm selling my bike.

It's ugly (if your a squid) but it runs smooth as butta. I don't want to sell it but I have to if I want to get the bike I want. I don't have the space or insurance money to keep 3 bikes so it's got to go.


I'll post up pics wheneve I feel like it. There's some here:

If nobody wants it whole I may part it out. Not sure yet.

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how many miles, can you email me some better pics? [email protected]. thanks
I'll take some pics tomorrow. The bike has 30k. Yes, it's not a typo. I ride the bike I don't sit here and clean it. But the bike is in perfect running condition.

About the looks:
right side lower is cracked and I've done a frankenbike fix with zip ties. It's got Protek aftermarket rearsets and the right one is bent slightly but i've put 20k on it like that so it's structurally sound.

The front fairing is off an 02 so the red is slightly darker than the lowers.

Like I said, this is not a pristine looking ride but it's sound.
god i hope u part it out... lol i need the left rear set bracket that connects to the frame...

mines broke... :-(
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sorry about not posting up pics but I just haven't had time to get her out of the basement and clean her up. She's dirty as hell right now since I haven't ridden her since my trip down to Bama.

Price dropped to $3k to KF members.
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