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Selling a almost brand new HYPERPRO GP RACE SHOCK with hi/low adjustbility. It is their top of the line race shock. If you go to the HYPERPRO website it if the the GP race shock that has a nickle finish. It is rated for riders from 150-170lbs. And it has the upgrades of:

Length adjustment
Hyperpro Progressive Spring
Gold-Nitrit Piston Rod
* High Performance Construction --> A wet born piston rod and self-adjusting bearing.
* Radial Piston --> This piston with straight flow and preload trough a pre-combustion oil chamber guarantees an optimum response.
* 7075 T6 Aircraft Aluminum
* Anti-Block-System --> A separate over pressure valve prevents a Hydraulic-lock of the shock.
* Anti-Fading Damping System --> Because of the aluminum piston and the steel tube there is no fading in the damping-system when the temperature of the oil increases.
* Rebound Adjuster --> 44 Clicks
* Threaded Spring Preload Adjuster
* Hyperpro's Progressive Spring
* Maximum Combinable --> The building sytem makes it possible to replace every part or to give it an "extra" new look.

It is for the 03-04 ZX6r/636/ZX6RR. $450 (SHIPPING INCLUDED)

The only reason why I am getting rid of it is because I might buy another race bike.

The one in the picture is the exact one that I am selling.

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