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I no longer have the bike these are for sale. They're just sitting around.

Front rim has a dent but will still hold air, was doing a wheelie and I 12clock it. RIM ONLY, NO ROTORS. 220.00 + shipping

Rear rim is in good shape, straight, with a very slight curb rash, unnoticeable unless you stare at it. Stock sprocket is included, tire also included, does not have rotors. Also has "Monster" white rim tape. 220.00 + shipping

Rear tail fairing has been repaired and primered. Ready for paint. 125.00 + shipping

Stock exhaust is in mint condition: 100.00 + shipping

Front Rotors perfect 2x: 85.00 + shipping

or buy everything for 600 shipped.

Contact me at 1(586)530-1772 or [email protected] for pictures and questions.. Thank you.
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