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Hey guys,

So my bike fell in a parking lot a couple of weeks ago and this fairing got a few scratches. Since I already had it cut for frame sliders, I decided to try and save it and get it painted. Well I took it to a nice paint shop that does custom cars and bikes, and it came out perfect in terms of finish, but the silver is a little lighter than mine. In some lights it looks very close, in others a little less so. But it bothers me enough that I will probably end up with a new one, rather than having the other fairings blended with this lighter paint. I am not going to be around NJ for that much longer, so I will not be able to keep going to this paint shop for him to perfect my fairing.

It has already cost me $150 just to fix and paint, so I would be willing to let it go for around there. Otherwise I will just keep it for spare parts.

Let me know if you're interested. It is already professionally (dealer) cut for vortex frame sliders, and has all the padding still glued on. It is in mint condition right now, just a shade or two lighter silver. Would prefer a local buyer, but would ship if so desired.
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