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My gf is selling her new 08 250r since she never has time to ride it.

08 250R Candy Lightning Blue
425 miles, has not seen the first service yet.
All stock except for Roaring Toyz Lowering Kit from and rear and shaved seat.
Bike fell over on left side at 1mph or less making a left turn, few little light scratches on fairing, tiny bit of rash on bar end mirror, nothing serious.
Rear undertray-fender is scraped as me and her tried riding together on it lowered and the tire hit the tray scraping it up lol.

Bike runs great, has a 3 year Kawi extended warranty that is transferable.

The bike will be great for a new rider, I myself put almost all the 400 miles on it helping her break it in on the street, I NEVER hit Redline with the bike since its still within the breakin period. The bike can be put back to stock height as I have the original links for the rear. Bike has no current recall's on it like the first batch of 250's.

She wants to get $3800 for the bike and release the title from Kawi Credit. This bike was one of 2 the dealer was getting back in July and that was basically it because of how much demand these bikes were in. My gf paid all said and done $4300 for the bike out the door with the taxes,freight, and the warranty.

Located in South New Jersey. PM me or call me at 609-992-8043. If interested.


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