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Whats up everyone? I'm wondering if anyone here would be interested in the desktop system I built about 2 months ago. I'm selling it b/c I found out a laptop would better suit my needs as a college student. I built this system to use for basically everyday needs, aswell as extreme multitasking. It also has one of the top video cards out and plays every game I have tried on max video settings. Price is. System includes

Antec solo case
Antec neo psu/500w
biostar tfource motherboard
AMD 3800 X2 running at 2.4ghz Dual core
(2x) WD 160gig harddrives setup in raid 0(extremely fast loading)
evga 7900GS KO edition video card
2gig of kingston 4200 ram
dvd burner

Let me know if anyone is interested. I would like to see around 800 bucks for this as its practically brand new and cost me close to 1100 to build, but I am willing to negotiate. I can also throw in my 17" lcd monitor for another 100 or so.

you can pm me here or send direct emails to [email protected]
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