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Hello from Jay in San Diego, CA.
I've sold my '99 ZX9r and have a set (F/R) of Dymag full Carbon wheels complete w/cush drive and sprocket carrier for sale. They are in outstanding condition and are so much lighter that you will never be happy with stock wheels again!! I'll also include a barely used (approx 400 mi) Sprocket Specialties 520 conversion rear sprocket (+1 tooth) in with the deal.
Dymags are approved for road use, unlike "other" manufactureres wheels that have "less than stellar" performance records or are only track certified. If these would fit on my '05 ZX10r, you wouldn't see these listed for sale...:-(
I have completed 199 transactions w/100% positive feedback on (fe)eBay (jayzx750) so you can be assured I'm a good guy...

The rear was $2500 and the front $2000 US so I think $1750 US + actual shipping costs would be a good compromise...but I'll take the best offer...

I'm in San Deigo and personal pick up with cash is OK with me, but I'll also accept a partial payment via Paypal (non-credit card transaction...funds must originate from a bank account) and a personal check, or USPS Money Order.

This wheelset fits ONLY the '98-'99 ZX9r. I'm not saying it will not fit others...only that this is the only bike I know them to fit.

Let me know if you are (truly) interested and we can work out the details. Thanks, Jay.

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