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NOTE: none of the parts were on the bike at the time it was set on fire. All parts listed were stuff that was in my house at the time, and/or had never been installed yet.

A few months back while I had my motorcycle parked outside, and some a-hole set it on fire. At the time I had the tank/seat/carburetor out since I was doing a carb rebuild and clean, so best as I and the cops would guess the guy was planning to steal it and torched it when he pulled the tarp off and saw it wasn't ready to hotwire. Pics and writeup here if you're curious: Motorcycle Troubles – Arson, Vandalism and Theft | PoPville .

All these parts were from or bought for my '91 model EX500, though many of the parts are compatible with all generations of 500.

I'm selling off the parts in several lots: a) carburetor b) miscellaneous small parts, bolts, sparkplugs/air filter/oil filter c) for local pickup only several major parts including seat, tank, etc.

a) Carburetor, complete as taken out of the bike a week prior to the fire, with attaching bolts, $99 shipped

b) a whole bunch of small and maintenance parts, maybe $300-400 retail or so from when I planned to fix all kinds of things on the bike. Most of them new in labeled package (no guessing as to part# here), with a few used parts like the lever and footpegs. Oil filter new but has ding from falling out of package. Includes a large amount of hose from an intended full re-hosing of the bike. NGK plugs, K&N air filter, some really nice gear. Also some Suzuki LS650 (iirc) lights (used, need some patching) for where I was streetfightering the bike and wanted these to come off the forks. I can maybe dig up the invoice list of parts if you need more specifics, or shoot me a line with any questions. Nothing sold separately, all one lot for $150 shipped

c) A number of large and major parts for local pickup

- Full seat, some small nicks but no big tears or bare spots
- Silver-colored tank, some dents but in great internal shape, with the full gas-cap (repaired/lubed), new bolts, and original fitting key
- Tank brace that goes over the battery
- Front fender liner
- Miscellaneous fairing parts, including some bits from the front, and the full back side plates, painted over but in good shape on the outside

A tank alone in this good of shape is $75+ shipping from a lot of sellers, similar for the seat, so $99 overall, local pickup only, no tax, no shipping is a pretty solid deal. Will not hold (unless you are literally in the car driving here), so first-come-first serve.

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