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Hi everyone.

Some of you may have seen the post I made in the zx6r forum, but if not, please read it, you'll get the full story as to what happened the night of July 3rd

Long story short, I was on my way back from a day trip to Cedar Point, and Michigan roads got the best of me. a crack sent me into a tankslapper, and I veered off the road and slipped on wet grass. Bad thing is i crashed... good thign is it was in grass, and I was geared up. I am unscathed for the most part, just sort still, and the bike faired damn well for what had happened.

Here's the story:


2003 ZX-6RR
Clear Title
6100 Miles
Mechanically Mint
Body wise, its completely naked
Forks are straight as an arrow
Rearsets look as though they're brand new
Sub frame is tweaked, but by millimeters. Bodywork still fits fine, or can bend back with help of dads friend at machining shop.
Fairing Stay is broken
My knee left and impression in the tank, but there are no scratches to rust.

I'm deciding to sell because I want out of super sports for a while. I ride too long in a straight line, and I'm really getting into sport touring. Don't get me wrong, I loved the track school i did, and Deals gap was orgasmic heaven, but I live in Michigan....

During the trip at deals gap, I was offered 6,000 in hand, but I wasnt willing to part with the bike at that time, and i hadnt explored this touring stage yet. After assessing the damage at a shop, you can put this bike to road conditions with somewhere under 400 dollars, but with 1500 to 1800, dependign on parts you pick, you can return it to mint condition that it was in.

I have the following extra's and misc stuff I would like to throw in:

Stock Windhsield (mint)
Stock signals (mint)
Stock Rear seat (mint)
Stock front seat (mint)
Hotbodies Undertail with LED signals (mint)
Stock green hugger (mint)
HJC CL-14 Matching Green Helmet (adult size medium)
Kawasaki Official Shop Manual
Shogun Frame Sliders
Shogun Swingarm Sliders

The cowl is still good, the mounting tab just broke, can be fixed, will bundle if wanted
1 mirror is still good

With the pricing listed above, I want 3500 out of the bike. It has a clear title, and would make a great bike for anyone, if they wanted something street, or something dingy and trackworthy.

I WILL BE ACCEPTING OFFERS UNTIL NEXT FRIDAY, then the closest offer to 4k takes it all. I'm in detroit Michigan, and will help with delivery of some distance, but if its far, you're giving me a place to stay for the night.

** PLEASE NOTE ** I rode the bike to work this morning, so its perfectly sound. Its my only mode of transportation, so please contact me with any offers or inqueries. I have 40 pictures of different stuff, the accident site, the bike all around, naked and with all parts. Pm me or email me in the address in my profile


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yea, trades taken, as long as its an 03 on up sv1000s in silver, or copper, in pristine condition, i'll add money if needed.

seeing as though i'm going to pick one up already, and this is KawiForums, i dont think i'll have good luck. I also have a 2stroke yz125 from 95 i'm trying to unload for silly cheap,but no one fucking wants it. dirtbikes are a lost cause, but thanks for the offer!
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