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well im thinking about tradeing my baby in for a zx10 and figured i would post it up here first so where do i start..
05 kawasaki zzr600 little over 6k on the odometer( sprockets have been on it since the begining so i estimate that its got 5200 actual miles on it.
oil has been changed every 1k with kawisaki oil and filter.
it has never been down or stunted what so ever.
1-shindy side mount steering dampner
2-flushmount led front signals
3- rear signals put into rear pegs using led.
4- bmc race air filter
5- dynojet stage 1 & 2 jet kit
6- indigo custom highmount exhuast
7- indigo carbon fiber exhaust canister
8- factory ignition advance rotor
9- 520 chain conversion with rk gold chain and xo links(best on the market)
10- many sprockets front 14t and 15t rear 40t, 41t, 46t.
11- showa rear shock set for 185 lbs rider
12- rear solo cowl painted to match
13- fairing crash bobbins
14- stock 636 seat
15- many stock parts
also you will notice this zzr doesn't look like any other thats becuase the whole tail is swapped from a 04 636 and painted to match the zzr blue.
and it also has the zx9 braced swapped as well which is another custom mod i dont think anyone else has yet done.

im looking to sell it whole instead of trading it in to the dealership.

please pm me with any question or if you want any other pictures.

please only serious inquiries.

this is with old exhaust...

there are no major scratches or flaws on this bike it has always been kept indoor and comes with a fully transferable tire and rim protection plan from kawasaki so if you ever get a flat or dent a rim they will replace it and tow the bike at no cost.
looking to get around 6300 for her
i would like to sell locally but will meet someone half way or consider shipping with a willing partner.
thanks for looking
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