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i have for barter my aftermarket wheels i have on my 2008 Audi TT..

wheel and tire setup was close to $1,400.00 NEW i am not trying to get that but make a trade offer with something in that value range cash can go either way if needed..

I sold the car back in april and they have been sitting in my basement ever since.. i won't be getting a car they will fit for sometime and prefer not to have them sitting.. so make trade offers..

i have a set of MB motoring essen wheels with under 2,000 miles on them.. 3 of the wheels are close to mint 1 has some rash.. not bad mainly chipped the clearcoat on the wheel.. but tires are near new under 2k miles on the setup.. they are 18 x 9.5, 5x112 with a 45et.. tires are Firestone indy wide oval 235/40/18 tires..

had them on my TT for a few months then swapped the car back to stock in preperation of a lawsuit i had over the car..

car has been gone since march / april and have been sitting in my basement collecting dust..

here are a few pics of them when i first put them on my car i have to dig up a few with it on the car dropped..

sadly the last pic in the shade in the wheel with the rash. i get some pics of the rashed wheel soon..

but the other 3 are mint..

let me know what you got i am located in camden county NJ.. and will travel a bit for a good deal..

I'm not really set on any 1 thing i really want or need so made any trade offers.. these have been sitting and i won't be buying a car they will fit anytime soon (next is a A5, S5, A6 or S6) and they come factory 19's..

some things i do like are..
1 factory AUDI 19's 5x112..
2 small light car open trailer.. (fit cabrio, corrado, MR2 ect. small car on it)
3 small enclosed trailer i do some hauling and picking up of house hold items and prefer to to load in the small bed of my truck..
4 a project car Mr2, corrado, Cabrio ect.. something fun..
5 Painter to paint my wifes 2001 Cabrio keeping it the same factry blue it has some small golf ball dents and clear coat peeling..

this is not a final list of stuff i want or need just stuff i know i can use ASAP..

just throw me some offers. they are sitting just collecting dust and i prefer to trade for something i can actually use..

i can add cash to what ever deal can be made if needed..

i try to check the forum often but fastest way to get me is emial [email protected] for referance my ebay ID is vesport
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