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A bunch of us are heading to galveston early sunday morning. Well acctually its only 4 of us right now, but if we can get as many people as possible that would be bad ass.

let me know who wants to go so we can meet up somewhere
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Fine by me. I would prefer to find some twisties but I'll see who else wants to go and what they want to do. Daniel, read my previous post and get my cell and give me a call later during the week or post your number.
i would rather hit some twisties . nothing do do at galveston except pose and cruise seawall, but posing next to a bike is always cool.
sunday it get crazy at east beach, and there is always a good supply of fine bitches down trere. posing isnt all bad either.

If you want some twisties...you havnt seen shit until you go out to Montgomery, tx and then go up north for 30 miles of newly paved road with incredible turns. There is always about 100 to 150 bikes that meet up in montgomery to go ride every sunday.
Got any more specific/detailed info on the exact location? Have you ever been out there?
149 north of montgomery, all the way up to Richards
I'd be down with meeting up on Sunday. I don't care where we go. [8D]
was that any of yall on the seawall sunday, i seen one red 03 zx and 2 other bikes.
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