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some time ago I noticed gas leaking from the carburetor when the bike was running. I replaced the floats and the float valves. The gas still leaks. I can see it running out of the overflow between carburetor 1 and 2.
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When I close the overflow with my finger, the visible gas leak stops.

I bought a new petcock and after installing it the bike didn't start. I pulled the spark plugs, turned the engine over with the starter and a lot of gas came shooting out of cylinder 1.

What can cause this leak if it is not the float and not the float valve? I think carburetor 1 has an internal leak, floods cylinder 1 and excess is coming out of the overflow.


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I can’t be a lot of specific help but just want to say a couple things.

Take a look at the concours owners group, Concours Owners Group - Home this forum was a big help to me when I owned one of these bikes. You’ll find lots of great advice/info.

The fuel flooding is a VERY SERIOUS ISSUE, don’t try to start that bike until you’ve got it resolved. When you start an engine that has a cylinder full of fuel, this causes “hydrolock” and can result in severe damage (bent connecting rod). The Concours seems to be very susceptible to hydrolock, you can read lots about this (and how to prevent) by going to Concours Owners Group - Home

good luck!
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