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After crashing her the day I got her about a year ago, I have been collecting parts to rebuild her, faster, better, stronger. Yes, we have the technology.
The parts list includes, APE 1172 "Street Kit", (wisco 1170 pistons and APE ground camshafts) as well as the ancilliary parts required to rebuild the engine and gearbox. A new APE performance clutch. Dyna 2000 ignition with dyna coils and leads. This will allow me to customise the timing as well as set the revlimiter. I have 1991 GSXR1100 USD forks and swingarm as well as wheels. I have 6 piston brakes from a later Gixxer as well as the rear brake. The forks have been rebuilt with Racetech Springs and valving. I have a custom built rearshock, by the local YSS workshop.
Were I am up to. The bike has been stripped and the frame is modified to accept the swingarm, the rear will be about 140mm higher than stock. The stock GPZ headstem has been fitted to the GSXR bottom triple clamp. The clamp was modified to accept it. The top clamp will be retained from the Gixxer as well as the guages.
I am ready to send the frame off to the powder coaters to get sandblasted and coated. I will upload some pics shortly
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