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Hi everyone,
So I sold my vette, and decided to get back to riding again :).

I used to ride from when I was 22 years old all the way to 33, after that, for some reason I decided to take a break, but a few months ago all of the sudden I remembered how much I enjoyed riding so I started looking for a bike.

I was a little rusty and did not know how the market is like these days, I decided to go out and check the models I was familiar with, (I used several brands and types in the12 years I was riding), and see how much they have changed int the last 10 years since I stopped riding, so I went to check them out at my local dealer.
First, I got on the R6 to see how I would feel, I remembered when I used to have one and how painful was after riding it for extended periods of time, beautiful machine but I was going to use the bike for commuting to the office and the gym so I passed on the R6.
Long story short, I saw the 2021 ZX6R KRT edition and I fell in love with it right away, I used to have a 2008 ZX10R and I loved it, so I knew I would love this one too, I got on it and it felt just right, I asked the salesman for the OTD price and...... I mean it was advertised at $10,000 on sale price.... out the door cash sale they wanted $16,500 for it. So I left the dealer as fast as I could before my weakness got the best of my judgment lol.

I started looking at the used bikes on different platforms for a couple weeks, and suddenly I saw it, a 2020 ZX6R KRT edition, just like the one I saw at the dealer but with a color scheme that I like it better, I did not like the White/Red at the bottom of the 2021.
The bike had already installed pretty much everything I would have installed after buying it, Frame Sliders, Bubble Dark Smoke Windscreen, smartphone mount/charging, tank pad, M4 SlipOn Exhaust, fender eliminator with turn signals and plate light.

It was perfect, never down and it only had 3,180 miles on it. The owner was asking $10,500 for it which I thought it was pretty reasonable.

Needless to say that I contacted the seller right away, he got back to me a couple days after, we set up a time and place and after some negotiation, he let me have it for $9,500 including a jacket and a helmet, he was an older gentleman on his late 60's and he had a ZX10R and this ZX6R he got for his wife to learn on but she never went for it, so the bike set there most of the time.

And well, as you can see I am thrilled to be back on a bike, I've had it for a week already, and I still have this smile that I can wipe off my face everytime I get on my bike, just like I remember it happened 10 years ago.

Well enough of my blah blah blah....

Here are a few pics of her... :).


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