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Gotta Ninja on stands pic?

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here you go/forum/uploads/MDzx6r/newzx6rside1.jpg

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MD, that bike looks great. Sorry just had to reply.
definately top shelf.
Hey guys, I've sold several sets of stands to you guys and I'm in search of a pic of a 636 or perhaps any bike you may have that is up on Redline Stands. If you have one, please post the pic so I can ad it to my site.

Ian Gilmore
Thanks for the compliments fellas, since the pics Ive installed black frame sliders and front flushmounts. I LOVE IT!!!!!!
What rear cowl is that ? I'm looking for one myself (don't want a vinyl cover tho)
Its a Targa rear cowl, I just took off the TARGA decal that was on it and I didnt install the black little foam thing that it comes with. Here is the link to one I bought. Its pricey, but it looks sweet.

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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